Are energy efficient appliances more expensive?

are energy efficient appliances more expensive?

Looking for energy efficient appliances like fridges or freezers. Firstly you look out for the energy ratings label. Then consider the size of the appliance that you actually need.

Energy labels: Rank appliances on a scale from A to G according to how much energy they consume Class A (green) appliances consume the least energy – making them the most energy‑efficient. Class G (red) appliances consume the most energy.

To help cut energy bills and carbon footprint, a brand new version of the EU energy label is applicable. Today, 90% of fridges and freezers sold are rated A+ or higher. Most appliances are in the top bands, while the remaining ratings from B to G are practically empty.From March 1, the most popular models of fridge-freezers will be E- and F-rated. Formerly known as A++ and A+.

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