Reduce cellar cooling by over 50%


The SavaAir system uses the cool ambient external air to replace the cooling normally required by your costly A/C units. The SavaAir iQ range further incorporate out patented algorithms to help further reduce running costs even in the peak of summer.

How it works

When the outside air temperature is low enough, the SavaAir will override the compressor in favour of this “free” cool air, resulting in significant cost savings.

The SavaAir system includes multiple sensors that can be strategically placed throughout the cellar to better manage temperature and set-points. The cellar cooler’s operation can also be coordinated with opening times to achieve typical savings of more than 50%, and with the right set-points, we can achieve savings of more than 60%.

Key features


We have our own dedicated NICIEC and ECA approved electrical installation teams in-house, as well as nationwide authorised installers.

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Reduce A/C Motors & Refrigeration power usage  

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Reduce cellar cooling by over 50%

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