Awesome Energy Saving Technologies Fitted at Cardiff Castle


  • Energy saving technologies manufactured in the UK fitted throughout site
  • 40 Appliances identified throughout site for which controls could be added
  • Payback period under 2.5 years

Cardiff Castle

Situated in Cardiff’s city centre, Cardiff Castle is perfect for a family day out, a school visit or as a spectacular venue for a wedding or corporate event. Of all the castles in the UK, Cardiff Castle is one of the most amazing and richly complex sites, with a story that spans over 2,000 years. Energy saving technologies were installed at Cardiff to reduce the carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Technologies in Buildings

Reducing energy use in a building is now common sense. It saves money, helps reduce your carbon footprint and promotes the you as someone who cares about the environment. In addition, improving the efficiency and reducing the load on a refrigeration  can improve its reliability and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

Savawatt commitment to sustainable practices has helped Cardiff Castle drive down refrigeration energy consumption and utility costs. A variety of Savawatt fixed speed energy saving technologies were fitted to different types of refrigeration at Cardiff Castle.

In some industries, most notably serving food and drink, refrigeration accounts for a significant proportion of overall site energy costs. Against these high costs, even a small reduction in refrigeration energy use can offer significant cost savings. Energy saving doesn’t need to be expensive. Up to 20% can be cut in refrigeration running through little investment.