Save up to 18% off your building electric bills.


Voltage optimisation has gained widespread acceptance in recent years as a viable method of reducing energy consumption. Simply put, the voltage in the UK is higher than that required by modern electrical equipment. According to the IEE, higher supply voltages result in increased consumption; a 230 V linear appliance used on a 240 V supply will draw 4.3 percent more current and consume nearly 9 percent more energy. With standard features such as auto-bypass, the SavaPower VO systems can provide a fantastic return on investment.

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We have our own dedicated NICIEC and ECA approved electrical installation teams in-house, as well as nationwide authorised installers.

From a single installation to a national roll out, you can be confident that when you order your SavaPower system, we’ll take care of everything. We have amassed a vast knowledge and tool kit as a result of manufacturing thousands of Voltage Optimisation units over the years, ensuring that all jobs are completed professionally and effectively.

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Save up to 18% on you building electric bills

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