Energy Awareness at Alton Towers Resort


  • SavaControls are the only Patented fixed speed motor controllers specially designed to reduce the electrical consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors.
  • We have implemented a number of ways to help run alton towers more sustainably

Alton Towers

With over 50 rides and attractions, the Alton Towers Resort is the UK’s Number One theme park. You can enjoy the great rides as Nemesis, Oblivion’s, Galactica, ride as well as Rita. There is so much to do at Alton Towers Resort, and you can relax at the Resorts two themed hotels.

Energy Awareness

With the hotels being open all year round, it was the best start for an energy saving project. The solution provided by SavaWatt Controls was less intrusive to the day to day running of Alton Towers Resort. Our Controls were fitted to the Beer Coolers, Ice machines and chillers whilst the bars and kitchens were still in operation. This meant there was no down time, and the hotel could operate as normal whilst the work was carried out in the background.

Alton Towers Environment Policy

A fridge is the single biggest power consumer behind the bar. Because nearly all bars have at least one fridge and that can run for 24 hours a day. You may have to keep your fridge and freezer running all the time, but that does not mean you can’t reduce the amount of electricity it takes to run it. Savawatt plug and save controls are simple to install and robust for a busy business.