Savawatt Energy Efficiency at GSK


This project indicated a potential cost saving of £18,094 and a reduction in carbon emissions of 129,66 kg per year, giving an overall payback period of just 2.2 years.

GSK Stevenage R& D Campus

The GSK Stevenage R& D campus consists of 5 research buildings each with approximately 45 laboratories. Freezers and ultra low temperature freezers are located within labs on each floor of the research facilities.

Freezers are designed to operate in maximum ambient conditions and high load situations. Although throughout the majority of their operational life they will run at considerable lower duty. Therefore any energy saving on this type of low efficiency equipment has the potential for considerable savings over a period of a few years.

The challenge to Schneider Electric was to put forward an energy saving solution. Firstly it should reduce the electrical energy consumption. Secondly as consequence reduced the CO2 required to be purchased under the ETS.

Schneider Electrics were challenged to achieve a reduction in energy consumption on refrigeration plant. Following investigations, a proposal was developed to modify existing  freezers by installing SavaWatt devices to each piece of lab equipment.

The Solution

The Schneider Energy team liaised with the GSK to identify over 771 pieces of equipment that would benefit from this energy saving technology.

Schneider Electric partnered with SavaWatt to install the voltage reduction devices to the existing ultra low temperature freezers. The team scheduled work to be carried out directly with the research staff to enable minimal disruption. All 771 units were fitted over a 8 week period. Resulting in a database of all equipment fitted/locations and individual equipment visually identifiable.

Financial Savings


Site Building NameQuantity installedKw hours savedCost Saving
£ per annum
CO2 Tons per annum