Solihull Hospital SavaWatt Energy Controls Installations


  • Over 150 controls have been fitted at Solihull Hospital
  • CO2 reduction of 24,769 kg
  • Payback of 2 years

Solihul Hospital

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest Hospital Trusts in England. Solihull Hospital, based near to Solihull town centre, provides a range of outpatient, inpatient and emergency care services for its local community.

Over a 150 controls have been fitted at Solihull hospital on its last installation. This equated to an estimated CO2 reduction of 24,769 kg and a payback under 2 years. The equipment fitted varied from air conditioning units covering patient areas and delicate equipment. Our refrigeration controls covered areas such as wards, kitchens and pharmacy.

Over the years SavaWatt Controls have been used by many NHS Trusts to help reduce not only running costs but help lower their CO2 output levels.

The NHS represents 3% of total UK carbon emissions with an annual energy bill of over £500m. This contributes to the largest capital spend programme in Europe. The Government will inevitably require significant energy savings.

SavaControls are being used by many NHS Trusts to help managing their emissions, and prepare for regulation like the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the Energy Performance in Buildings directive. Due to the vast number of varying application possible inside hospitals and associated buildings, many of our installations are carried out in stages which can be tailored to meet budgets constraints.

Installation in the NHS

All SavaWatt Controls installations are carried out by our own trained team of engineers who are flexible in working arrangements to meet requirements.

Free Survey

To fully capture the varying requirements, a free site survey is carried out. Once the survey is complete a quote will be prepared which will show running costs and savings achievable along with CO2 savings.