DWP spend to save


Savawatt Refrigeration controls save energy by matching equipment operations to system needs.

SavaControls not only save energy, they also help to reduce demand charges and extend equipment life.

What the DWP is doing

The Government announced a new set of ‘greening’ commitments – one of which was to reduce carbon emissions on the government estate by 25 per cent, by 2020. The department for works and pensions were committed to ensure value for money for the taxpayer by reducing their operating costs.

Jobcentre Plus is part of the UK Department for Work and Pensions for its support service in the United Kingdom. The functions of Jobcentre Plus is to help those attempting to find employment. The organisation acts from within the government’s agenda for community and social welfare.

SavaWatt technology across the estate

Savawatt have been actively engaged with the Department for Work and Pensions since 2006. Working together in reducing energy consumption across the estate. Working closely with DWP, we implemented analysis of energy consumption profiles for each individual building’s refrigeration and air conditioning.We installed a nationwide roll out across the DWP estate of savacontrols from 2006 and is still ongoing.