Sustainable Schools


  • TheĀ  energyĀ  usedĀ  for cateringĀ  facilitiesĀ  typicallyĀ  accountsĀ  forĀ  aroundĀ  10% of a schoolā€™s energy costs.
  • No disruption during installation.

Sustainable Schools

Sustainable schools set out to combine environmental education and community engagement. Topics include energy, water, environment, and waste. By having sustainable schools, we are delivering education lessons for sustainable development. The construction and running of such facilities can generate large amounts of waste and energy usage. Savawatt help to wastage in schools, with installation of our refrigeration technologies.

Smallberry Green Primary School

Smallberry Green Primary School is in Isleworth, London. Smallberry Green Primary School is a happy, caring school with an incredibly positive ethos and friendly nature. They pride themselves on the community feel, where all members of staff get to know each child individually, always encouraging them to ā€˜be the best that they can beā€™.

Savawatt works with schools to make sure that they are as energy efficient where possible. SavaWatt reduces electricity costs and CO2 emissions from school refrigeration. Fridges and freezers are on 24/7, so it is important to consider the running costs. We help to reduce the running costs in the school kitchen, with installation taking a few hours.