Worcester Combined Court energy saving on fridges

SavaPlug help with domestic fridges at Worcester Court


Refrigeration appliances is one of the biggest energy consumers because they run all the time. Energy ratings give a good indication of which fridges/freezers are more efficient than others, but they won’t tell you how much they will cost you to run. EU energy ratings are determined using an index which compares energy consumption with the appliance’s internal volume, to show how efficient it is for its size. This means two different-sized fridges, for example, could still carry the same energy rating.

The solution to save energy on your fridges

The best way to save on the running costs is to reduce the consumption on the ac motor inside the fridge/freezer. SavaWatt produces energy saving motor controllers called SavaControls for retrofitting to refrigeration. SavaControls are the only Patented fixed speed motor controllers specially designed to reduce the electrical consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors.