SavaWatt cuts costs at Costcutter Kidderminster


  • SavaWatt cuts costs at Costcutter Kidderminster.
  • Up to 10% direct savings for all electric loads
  • ROI within 1.5‐2 years
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No changes to existing electrical infrastructure

SavaWatt Saves Money on Retail

The environment is changing due to climate change. This has a direct effect on the planet and people’s health. A greener NHS works with staff and hospitals to improve this issue. 

Energy costs are normally an ignored overhead in business. But saving energy in retail is a great way to increase profits and reduce carbon footprint. Electricity bills have been rising and have become the highest monthly overhead after staff wages. Savawatt conducted a free survey in reducing the electricity bills at Costcutter Kidderminster. Lighting and refrigeration normally generate the largest amounts of energy usage. Just by minimising the load on on both can reduce costs.

SavaPower helps at Costcutter Supermarket

Retailers do not always realise how much energy is used by refrigerators and freezers, and in a retail outlet can account for half of the total electricity bill. By reducing the overall load supplied to the building with voltage optimisation there are big savings to be made on refrigeration.

As a result Savapower considerably increased the overall energy efficiency of this Costcutter convenience store in Kidderminster. A single 100a Savapower unit was installed at the mains electric board ,saving Kidderminster Costcutter 10%‐12% on overall electric costs. Overall this reduced the electricity bills by over £1,100 per annum.