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SavaWatt, the leaders in refrigeration energy saving controls are proud to introduce the all new SavaPlug SPU. Like the revolutionary original Savaplug which sold over 2 million units worldwide, the all New SavaPlug SPU is set to change the market again.

Based on our patented “Sava” technology, the New SavaPlug can be retrofitted to any virtually any refrigerator or freezer with the use of our simple plug and save setup.

How it works

The SavaPlug adjusts the input power based on the refrigerator/freezer motor loading, allowing only the right amount of electricity needed by the motor to do its job.

Domestic users

The New SavaPlug is designed for use in commercial settings because higher electric consumption yield the best paybacks. The SavaPlug SPU payback in domestic applications will be higher than our normal average. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional assistance.

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