Greener NHS at Conquest Hospital


  • SavaControls are ideal for NHS sites as they can be tailored to meeting energy, carbon and budget targets.
  • The NHS is responsible for over 5% of the UK’s carbon footprint
  • Greener NHS leads the way in reaching net zero carbon by reducing the negative environmental impact of  buildings

Greener NHS at Conquest Hospital

The environment is changing due to climate change. This has a direct effect on the planet and people’s health. A greener NHS works with staff and hospitals to improve this issue. Such Issues as public health, the environment, saving money and reach net carbon zero.

Conquest Hospital is a modern district general hospital, on the outskirts of Hastings. All its services are on four levels overlooking a lagoon with views over the historic town of Hastings. It has surgical and medical wards and specialist units. 24-hour Emergency Department and a full range of diagnostic services. Conquest Hospital also has a Consultant-led Maternity Unit with a 10-room delivery suite.

SavaWatt Installed controls across the estate to help reduce running costs. 

“While the NHS is already a world leader in sustainability, as the biggest employer in this country and comprising nearly a tenth of the UK economy, we’re both part of the problem and part of the solution”
“That’s why we are mobilising our 1.3 million staff to take action for a greener NHS, and it’s why we have worked with the world’s leading experts to help set a practical, evidence-based and ambitious route map and date for the NHS to reach net zero.”


Fixed speed drives are an effective way to keep hospitals costs low.  SavaWatt controls have been used in NHS to cut energy bills for over 30 years.  Savacontrols are intelligent controllers for fixed speed motors, suitable for almost any motor size and application. Our controls can extend motor life, reduce maintenance costs, and save on running costs.

Example Photos from Conquest Hospital