Save money on your energy bills


  • The  energy  saved was around 10% for the Denco A/C.

The Mirror Group

The Mirror Group is the largest contract printer for third party newspapers and publishers in the UK. They take great pride in consistently meeting the high standards that their customers expect.Their external contract portfolio extends to some 300+ titles. Ranging from supplements and local weekly independent publishers to national and regional newspapers.

Having invested heavily in all of their five print sites across the country, Trinity Mirror Printing has the peerless expertise and facilities to provide a competitive and comprehensive print and publishing solution.

Save money on your energy bills

Savacontrols were specially designed energy saving gadget that helps to save money on your energy bills. Sava technology was created in a project supported by the Department of Energy, its aim is to help reduce the amount of energy wasted by AC motors.

Savacontrols works to lower the energy consumption by reducing the amount of energy getting to the motor. During start up, the energy needed is high, as getting a motor started requires a lot of electricity. However once the motor is going less energy is needed to keep it simply going. It is then that the Savacontrols reduces the flow of electricity to the appliance. SavaControls can reduce A/C energy usage by around 10%, though they are a lot more effective on older models