Reduce A/C Motors & Refrigeration power usage


Refrigeration and air conditioning (a/c) are typically the top single users of electricity in many UK businesses. Year after year, the rising cost of electricity pushes these inescapable costs even higher.

SavaControls are a viable solution for lowering these unavoidable operating expenses, and they are incredibly cost-effective, with installation paybacks typically occurring in less than two years.

What are they?

SavaConrols can be installed on any AC induction motor, including those found in refrigerators, air conditioners, escalators, conveyor belts, mixing machines, and rock crushers, to name a few applications.

Over 2 million savacontrols have been installed to date, saving its users not only millions in electricity costs but also assisting them in meeting lower carbon footprint targets year after year. Almost every sector of the market has installed these widely acclaimed units on a global scale.

How do they work?

AC motors, such as those used in refrigeration, do not require the same amount of constant power all of the time. Many systems are also constructed with unnecessarily large motors to provide a safety margin, which only adds to part load conditions and waste.

When the motor is only partially loaded, SavaControls reduce the input power while maintaining the same speed, resulting in significant savings while still allowing for instant power availability when full load is required.

SavaControls can change the apparent power of the motor up to 100 times per second, lowering magnetisation losses and drawing far less current, lowering operating costs.

Can they help you?

While the SavaControls can be used with any AC Induction Motor, we specialise in Refrigeration, which is used in almost every industry. Cooling costs can account for more than half of your electric bill in many retail examples, significantly increasing your costs and CO2 output.

Our controls have been used by individuals ranging from single siteĀ owners to nationwide governmental building installation plans. We will be able to advise you on which controls will provide the best return on investment and develop a plan of action to help you reduce not only your overall costs but also your carbon footprint.


For complete peace of mind, we have NICEIC-approved in-house installation teams to handle all national requirements. WeĀ offers warranties of up to 5 years, and technical support is always available.

SavaControls are essentially “fit it and forget it” technology.

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Reduce A/C Motors & RefrigerationĀ power usageĀ Ā 

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