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SavaWatt installs LED lighting at Giro Food


New High Lumen LED High Bays installed in 2 Warehouses and Car Parks generating a 62% energy saving.

All Lighting in offices upgraded to LED.

Giro Food

Giro Food has been an innovator in the ethnic food industry since its inception in 1969. They are pioneers in food service and have become trusted catering and wholesale suppliers specialising in food from all over the world. Over the past decade they have established a strong customer portfolio throughout the UK and across Europe. Their headquarters are based at the heart of the Birmingham City Centre and with over 72,000 square feet storage capacity, the cash and carry service forms the central tenet of thier service.

Stage 1

SavaWatt replaced old 400 Watt Metal Halide with our new high efficiency 150W High Bay LED lighting fixtures. It is important to realise the advantage of upgrading to LED offers a brighter environment and saved 62% energy over standard metal halide. The newer more powerful LED lights are a unique design and can replace all types of standard High bays as found in industrial usage, warehouses, supermarkets, Exhibition Halls, Stadium’s & many other areas.

Stage 2

SavaLED Panels offer great advantage over traditional lighting, such as longer lifespan, no flicker startup and fantastic low power consumption. We installed the ultra slim 6000k white LED panels throughout Giro Food offices and hallways. The new lighting not only lowered electric consumption, but also created a brighter and uplifting environment for employees.