Carphone Warehouse Energy Reduction


  • Installation with no disruption to the daily running
  • 28 A/C controls fitted with saving levels of 10% on A/C
  • 9 controls fitted with saving levels of 21% on refrigeration

Background of Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Europe. It currently operates in around 2,400 stores across Europe. As part of the CRC scheme, Carphone Warehouse energy consumption was a priority.

Carphone Warehouse

Their E2Save offices in Loughborough have been the on-site test facility. For air conditioning SavaWatt controls were recommended. Our controls electronically reduce the electricity flow to the compressor. Along these lines supplying the minimum amount of electricity needed. As opposed to the actual amount demanded by the systems. Changes to air conditioning fittings were rolled out across the retail and non-retail portfolio over time.  Henceforth it will be the initial main sources of Carphone Warehouse Energy Reduction.