Energy Saving Voltage Optimisation Fitted at Cotswold Accountancy


Voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique and a key method in the savings of energy consumption at Cotswold Accountancy, Evesham.

SavaPower voltage optimisation installed at Cotswold Accountancy

Founded in April 2003 by Dale Montgomery, the practice has built up a varied client base of 350 clients. Dale puts that success down to the principles laid down 10 years ago that he would be a proactive practice, using sophisticated and state of the art computer systems and software to provide excellent value for money for our services to clients. And behind that system would be team of qualified and experience people whose desire is to act for our clients and not for anyone else.

To understand whether voltage optimisation was appropriate, a site’s load dynamics profile was produced to give the customer an understanding of the type of appliances and their power consumption in relation to the total load. The site consisted of IT equipment, non-inverter AC, refrigeration and magnetic ballast lighting.

Due to the equipment on site, SavaPower was installed at Cotswold Accountancy, Evesham to reduce the company’s electric consumption. Installation was done by Savawatt engineers and took only a few hours to install. There was no disruption to the workplace and the SavaPower unit has already started to make savings for Cotswold Accountancy.