Savawatt energy saving at food processing


  • Large 3 phase installation from 5 amps to 75 amps SavaControls
  • CO2 reduction of 72,466 kg
  • Payback of 1.7 years

K K Fine Foods

Located in 75,000 sq. ft. in Deeside, North Wales, K K Fine Foods incorporates a fabulous Innovation Centre where development chefs and clients can work together in an inspirational and fast paced environment. Only the most original and innovative dishes will be approved to leave this development centre.

The carbon trusts says the food and drink processing industry is the fourth highest industrial energy user in the UK. In 2010, it consumed nearly 37TWh (enough energy to power 125,000 homes for nearly 15 years) and emitted around 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Energy consumption in the sector could be considerably reduced by implementing simple and effective energy efficiency measures, reducing carbon emissions and cutting the costs for businesses.

Refrigeration systems consume a large amount of electricity in food processing facilities. However, impressive savings can be achieved with refrigeration systems. Energy and cost savings can be obtained through a variety of modifications to the refrigeration system with our SavaWatt fixed speed motor drives for the compressors.

K K fine Foods AC induction motors were spread among their factory. SavaControls were installed to simple upright refrigerators to larger blast chillers. AC induction motors found in units such as refrigeration equipment have heavy energy costs are likely to be one of your major overheads. SavaControls, can give you substantial and continued savings in your electricity bills, without replacing your existing equipment.