Reducing Energy For FM Companies


SavaWatt Controls have been used by Telereal Trillium since 2001 to help reduce overall building operating costs and help to meet CO2 reduction commitments. 

Savacontrols reduce Energy at Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium are one of the largest property owners in the UK. Their customers include large corporations such as BT and the Department for Work and Pensions. It owns a £6bn investment portfolio, which includes landmark buildings such as the Coutts Bank headquarters.

Telereal Trillium Operates in two distinct, yet complementary business areas. One is property partnerships and the other is investments. Over the last decade they have established a UK-wide estate of more than 8,000 buildings. With such a large portfolio of over 8,000 properties, they have a environmental responsibility.

Telereal Trillium are committed for lower operating costs and carbon reduction commitment. SavaWatt Controls have been installed in many of the properties operated by Telereal Trillium. Because of savacontrols low investment and quick return, this in turn has allowed them to meet reduction targets. for lower operating costs and carbon reduction commitment.

For this reason not wanting to miss out on savings, Telereal Trillium have also installed SavaControls to their offices at 140 London Wall, London. Savacontrols were installed at AHU (air handling units), tea rooms and main kitchens. The installation took 2 days and there was disruption to the office.