Reducing Twycross Zoo’s energy consumption


SavaWatt Controls fitted to refrigeration in cafe’s and feeding areas.

13% Savings Observed 

Twycross Zoo

They have breeding groups of many endangered primate species and a range of other species including Asian elephants, snow leopards, penguins, meerkats, tapir, hyena, and the world’s rarest big cat, the Amur leopard.

Set in more than 80 acres, Twycross Zoo have around 500 animals of almost 150 species to see, including many endangered animals and native species in the Zoo’s Nature Reserve. Twycross Zoo has the world-class Himalaya Centre, that delivers fantastic food in a 300 seat all-day restaurant overlooking a Himalayan themed snow leopard enclosure and shopping in the Bazaar. It also plays host to conference facilities in Windows on the Wild. We also have several other eateries on site, including the Twycross Fish Bar, the Dome and indoor picnic facilities in Cockatoo Café.

Twycross Zoo has joined other zoos and organisations to help reduce the carbon footprint with Savawatt Controls. Savawatt devices have been introduced to reduce the power consumption of all fridges and freezers in catering and research areas. Savings in regards to the installation of Savawatt fixed speed motor controls have typically been around 13%.