SavaWatt at The Roslin Institute


  • The Institute made a saving of at least 28% in its electricity consumption
  • First Stage Installation of 139 SavaControls
  • Payback under 2 years

The Roslin Institute

The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh is a new world class research centre The Roslin Institute undertakes top-class basic and translational science to tackle some of the most pressing issues in animal health and welfare, their implications for human health and for the role of animals in the food chain. The Roslin Institute provides holistic solutions to global challenges in human and veterinary medicine and the livestock industry.

Following recommendations from Mr George Mair, Director for Swan Refrigeration Technology, Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead, who manufacture and supply bespoke refrigeration equipment for scientific and associated applications, SavaWatt contacted Mr Jeff Butts Contracts Maintenance Manager for Roslin Institute. A site survey was carried out and an instruction was given to install SavaControls to all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Mr George Mair had recommended SavaControls to the Roslin Institute following the successful trial of this unique energy saving technology at the Blood Transfusion Centre Edinburgh. The installation comprised of 79 single phase and 60 three phase units which were fitted to various refrigeration and air handling equipment. The installation took 2 SavaWatt engineers 13 working days to complete with disruption to day to day operations being kept to a minimum. From a fiscal and environmental viewpoint, energy efficiency at the Roslin Institute is essential. With a high percentage of the electrical consumption on this site being used for refrigeration & air conditioning, savings made will have a significant impact on base costs.