SavaControls contributes to carbon management plan at Bournemouth University


Bournemouth University is a large organisation with approximately 17,000 students from 120 countries and over 1,500 staff. A complex and expanding estate is divided between two campuses in different local authority areas with 20 buildings covering over 24 hectares of land.

Bournemouth University made a commitment with the Carbon Trust to reduce their carbon emissions by 30% over the decade from 2005/6 to 2015/16. In 2005/6, their carbon footprint was equivalent to 8,275 tonnes of CO2. By 2015, they have reduced that to 5,792.5 tonnes, thanks to their carbon management plan.

An organisation as big as Bournemouth University needs a lot of energy in order to function, with hundreds of rooms and buildings with refrigeration. To limit the impact, they have on the environment, Savawatt works hard with Bournemouth University to make sure that they are as energy efficient as possible.

Bournemouth University

Project Capital       Tons of CO2 savedPayback
Project Capital       Tons of CO2 savedPayback
Cranborne House£8,16022.62.3



SavaWatt is a market leader in reducing electricity costs and limiting the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the environment through the use of its SavaControl units on AC induction motors. SavaControls are energy modulation devices which optimise the power consumed by AC induction motors to any given load on the motor. By using special timing and feedback mechanisms protected by patents in the UK and overseas, SavaControls are unique in the marketplace and have been manufactured in the UK since 1985