Savacontrols Fixed speed motor control cuts freezer costs at FarmFoods


  • Nationwide installation of our award winning energy saving motor controller
  • Payback period per store 1.9 years

FarmFoods Background

FarmFoods are frozen food specialists, with roots embedded in the distribution and handling of frozen food. Firmly believing in the benefits of frozen food and taking great care to bring it to their customers in the best possible condition. FarmFoods originated in Aberdeen in 1955 and has over 300 shops throughout Great Britain.

Savacontrols Fixed speed motor control cuts freezer costs at FarmFoods

Retail is a competitive market which requires low operating facilities in order to provide savings for the customers. Since the refrigeration ran 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, it was seen as a high consumer in a typical store’s electricity use. Savawatt were contacted to advise on energy reduction to refrigeration in the stores. A typical store consisted of a large number of closed chest freezers, which were ideal for SavaPlugs. A national roll out program was initiated and FarmFoods invested in over 9000 controls.

Following the successful installation of SavaControls to all closed chest freezers operated by FarmFoods, it was agreed that further evaluations were to be conducted in the use of SavaControls through to the other items of refrigeration equipment on a typical site. Two items of equipment were selected at the Yardley site, a two door drinks cabinet and air conditioning.

The savings recorded on the equipment were in line with the projections and showed payback periods of 1.9 and 2.5 years. Farm Foods started a single phase and three phase motor control roll out programme on the bases of results.