Savawatt Energy Efficiency was a Commercially Viable Choice for BP

How BP Defined the Challenges

Creating a more energy-efficient culture involves facing up to some tough challenges. BP retail has to bring about a shift in focus at its retail sites. Resources are often concentrated on a small number of very large, growth-critical projects. In contrast, energy efficiency is the result of a very large number of relatively small-scale initiatives. We have to make energy efficiency a commercially viable choice.The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme has made carbon a tangible cost to our business since the beginning of 2005.

Taking action to make a positive difference

A trial at the BP Connect forecourt site at Bradwell Abbey,Milton Keynes achieved reductions in energy consumption. BP Oil, UK’s Retail Division asked midlands based company SavaWatt (UK) Ltd to install energy saving controls to all its refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at the site. The project was to prove if a reduction in energy consumption could be achieved by monitoring the before and after effects of the SavaControls.

The trial was run over a two-week period, with data logging equipment recording the energy consumed by the compressors with and without the SavaControls in circuit. The Equipment was monitored and the energy consumption data was analysed, proving that during the test period an average savings of 16% was achieved.

“We are extremely pleased with the findings of the trial. The introduction of SavaControls has proven to be beneficial in helping to achieve our goals and the installation was carried out with minimal disruption to our retail business operations.”

What Are SavaControls™?

SavaControls are energy modulation devices which optimise the power consumed by AC induction motors to any given load on the motor. By using special timing and feedback mechanisms protected by patents in the UK and overseas, SavaControls are unique in the marketplace and have been manufactured in the UK since 1985.

SavaControls are incredibly reliable and virtually maintenance free whilst they help prolong the life of your motor. SavaWatt is a market leader in reducing electricity costs and limiting the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the environment through the use of energy saving products.