Savawatt energy saving technology to reduce Marstons British Oak Pub running cost


avaControls are the only Patented fixed speed motor controllers specially designed to reduce the electrical consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors.

Savacontrols cut the running costs of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment by up to 20%.

Over 2 million controls sold worldwide.

Savawatt energy saving technology to reduce Marstons British Oak Pub running cost

Marston’s is a British brewery and pub operator. It operates over 1,700 pubs in the UK, and is the world’s largest brewer of cask ale. The British Oak is a great community pub based in Kingswinford; on Stallings Lane in the heart of the West Midlands, where newcomers are always welcome. A traditional pub offers meal with the family or drinks with friends. The British Oak offers a venue for a function or party at their beer garden or private huts.

Marston’s recognises that energy usage, costs and the associated carbon dioxide emissions resulting from its business activities are significant. The company is committed to conserving energy, reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and complying with all environmental regulations whilst reducing cost.

The company is active in all areas of energy and carbon management and aims to be among the best performers within the hospitality sector. Marstons analysed the typical breakdown of energy use in a modern pub. The catering and refrigeration systems was 75% of the overall energy use. Refrigeration includes the cellar cooling, beer chilling and food storage systems. Catering includes the kitchen equipment (fryers, grills, hobs and ovens).

Savacontrols are designed for minimum investment and maximum savings on refrigeration and air conditioning units. SavaControls modulate the power input according to the motor loading; it does this 100 times per second constantly adjusting the power to match the motors needs. The patented algorithms are able to dynamically sense and control the power owing exactly.

Savawatt patented energy saving technology offers a complete solution for drinks dispensing equipment. Our controls can be fitted to ice dispensers, cellar cooling equipment and bar fridges allowing customers to reduce costs but still serve a cold drink on warm day. Savawatt have the credibility and experience within the hospitality sector to ensure that all units are installed with no disruption to the operations at site.