Compressor Motor Controllers at Iceland Foods


  • Nationwide installation of our award winning energy saving motor controller
  • Payback period per store 1.9 years

Compressor motor controls at Iceland Foods

Iceland Frozen Foods is committed to energy conservation and as part of this commitment investigations were made into possible methods of reducing the energy consumption of frozen food cabinets at their retail stores. The investigation led them to select Savawatt motor controls units manufactured in the UK.

In 1989 a decision was made to install these units on all of the freezer cabinets at Iceland’s Ellesmere Port store. Basic monitoring showed that there was a significant reduction in the store electricity consumption of around 11%. On these encouraging preliminary results a decision was made to extend the installation into other stores. The installation of the motor controls was performed by personnel from Savawatt.

Savawatt units were introduced to Iceland frozen foods in 1988 after investigations in the market showed they were the most reliable units for the application. Since initial tests resulted in savings in excess of 10% an installation programme has led to many stores being supplied with the units to reduce their energy costs.
On-going monitoring has ensured savings are maintained and ultimately it is intended that all freezers cabinets within the company have these units installed. Monitoring of the equipment has shown that failures are less than 0.1% and have been identified on installation. Reliability therefore is most satisfactory. Installation times in stores is kept to a minimum by having pre-wired units and installation teams who understand our business.
Savawatt have proved to be a company who will listen to advice and respond positively. Although prospective purchasers must prove to themselves the value of Savawatt units, we have found them to be reliable and effective in reducing energy costs.