Top energy saving at The Thorn Tree pub

Top energy saving at The Thorn Tree pub

These days owners of pubs are facing challenges when it comes to running their business more efficiently. Lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration all have a huge role to play in keeping customers happy – but these can cost a lot to run. Owning a pub would make you a big utilities user, and energy costs can usually represent the second highest expense.

SavaPower is extremely easy to implement and can have an immediate impact on your energy usage.  It was created to help you reduce your electricity bill and prolong the life of your appliances.

How does it work, well…

Voltage Optimisation is designed to match the load voltage requirements with a lower supply voltage. This will ensure all equipment is running closer to the designed operational parameters.  It works by reducing the average supplied voltage of 242v, down to the nominal UK voltage of 230V. Most equipment is rated at 220V, so the process of voltage optimisation corrects the over voltage and improves the equipment lifecycle.

The SavaPower unit was fitted to The Thorntree Pub, Newhall. This friendly and comfortable, traditional two-roomed Victorian locals pub became a privately-owned free-house in November 2014. Savawatt conducted a free survey of the premise and calculated a saving level over 13%. The SavaPower was installed in a short time during out of trading hours by Savawatt engineers and due to the high voltage is making a 15.4% saving for the Landlord.