Intelligent motor energy controller by Savawatt


Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration are notorious for high energy consumption and energy inefficiency. While refrigerators run 24-7, there are ways to save the times when they are using energy.

According to the Energy Efficiency Office, refrigeration and a/c is the biggest single user of electricity in the UK. With over £3 billion worth used for these purposes by commercial and domestic users.

SavaControls attacks a major area of inefficiency to give a breakthrough in reducing refrigeration and a/c running costs.Savawatt intelligent motor energy controller has been sold for over 30 years worldwide.

The savings recorded from a wide variety of actual SavaControl installations are usually between 15% and 25%, occasionally much greater. It is vitally important to realise that these savings are through a twofold combination: motor efficiently increase, as well as savings due to the correct power being provided as and when required.


The Savawatt intelligent motor energy controller has been used by thousands of international companies. To date over 2,000,000 units have been sold. Now a new member of the savaplug family will be joining us this year.

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