SavaAir Free Air Cooling for Cellars

Based on our patenting algorithms, the SavaAir Cellar Energy Management can help reduce cellar running costs by up to 50% in the right conditions!

By using the cooler external ambient air, the SavaAir system can override the cellar system to cool the inside environment giving Free Air Cooling. This simple method considerably reducing electricity consumption. The system also maps the internal cooling behaviour and can maximize the savings throughout the year. As a extra benefit, SavaAir can also work not just in the cooler months, thus further reducing electricity costs. SavaAir Cellar Energy Management is traditionally mounted on an outside facing wall, near to the evaporator to allow cellar circulation.

#SavaAir circulates cool exterior air into the cellar area to reduce the need for #Cellar conditioning. #Cellarcooling


SavaAir Free Air Cooling for Cellars

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