Improving Cold storage Equipment

Improving Cold storage Equipment at Jack Frost


  • Total kW/h saved per year = 17,836
  • Total CO2 saved per year  = 7,670 kg
  • 1st year return on investment 45%

Jack Frost

Jack Frost (Isle of Man) is a Manx registered company, specializing in in quality Food. It sells frozen, chilled, ambient foods, fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh fish. It was established in 1975 and employs between 20-21 dedicated staff. They are major suppliers to the hospitals, schools, restaurants, pubs, shops, cafes, event organisers as well as many others.

Improving Cold Storage

Large Refrigeration systems are critical to keeping the food fresh, but they use a substantial amount of energy. In any event cold storage rooms consume considerable amounts of energy. Within cold storage facilities 60-70% of the electrical energy used is for refrigeration.

The overall aim of this project was to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the food cold storage section. By retrofitting Savawatt energy efficient equipment, Jack Frost saved the major cost of new refrigeration equipment.

To clarify Savawatt Intelligent controls reduce energy costs by matching compressors operation to the actual needs of the system. In addition, Savacontrols can reduce equipment wear and extend the operating life and continue in improving cold storage equipment


Savacontrols are designed and manufactured in the UK. Furthermore we offer surveys for all our customers and all controls are installed by our qualified teams.