McDonald’s voltage optimisation with SavaPower


  • 35% Savings with no distinguishable effect of lighting levels
  • McDonald’s have benefited from over 60% return on investment
  • Multi site installations of SavaPower Voltage Optimisation

McDonald’s voltage optimisation

McDonald’s feels it is their responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations to come. The goal is simple, to achieve continuous environmental improvement across all areas of their business.Likewise to invest in new technology to achieve this goal.

The Solution

The Carbon Trust figure’s have shown that in many offices, lighting can account for 20-40% of the total electric consumed. McDonald’s support offices in the UK have been retrofitted with Savapower units; intelligent energy controllers that are helping reduce running costs of the fluorescent lighting used throughout the offices.

Savapower works by allowing normal supply power to the lights while they strike and reach there optimum operating temperature. Then it reduces the flow of power to make significant savings. Equally important Savapower units are installed onto existing lighting circuits with no changes to the actual lights or ballasts. Notably disruption to day to day business was kept to a minimal, with lights on each circuit only being turned off for a few minutes at a time.

McDonald's Savings

In conclusion McDonald’s realised on site savings were around 35% with no distinguishable effect of lighting levels. Furthermore McDonald’s voltage optimisation units have benefited from over 60% return on investment. Finally they have also helped lower transport carbon miles as all Savapower units are manufactured in the UK.