Reducing energy costs at Mace food retailers


Energy is a rapidly increasing issue for retailers. As big utilities users, energy costs can usually represent the second highest store expense. SavaPower helps retailers looking for a smart new way to reduce their energy costs.

Many of our future clients believe SavaPower Voltage Optimisation is used in large industrial sites with high energy costs. The truth is that SavaPower Voltage Optimisation is successfully used across a range of buildings big and small.

How does it work?

Voltage Optimisation is designed to match the load voltage requirements with a lower supply voltage. This will ensure all equipment is running closer to the designed operational parameters.  It works by reducing the average supplied voltage of 242v, down to the nominal UK voltage of 230V. Most equipment is rated at 220V, so the process of voltage optimisation corrects the over voltage and improves the equipment lifecycle.

Savawatt has been working with UK retail business on reducing their energy consumption for 30 years. Working with retailers such as Icelands Foods, Superdrug, Farmfoods, Zara to small independents like Kwiksave, Mace and Nisa. Mace Hinckley store installation took 2 hours to install and is now making 13% savings.

Who is Mace?

Over 764 Mace stores span England, Scotland and Wales and make it easy for customers to pick up those every day essentials. Owned by independent retailers, Mace stores are perfect for those top up shops or grabbing some food to go. With friendly staff on hand to assist you, Mace really does make it easy and offer great value to its customers.

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