Supermarket Reduces Electric Bill by over 18%


Energy is a growing concern for many retailers with electric costs typically being the second highest store expense for large utility users. SavaWatt can help retailers in their search for a smart new way to reduce their energy costs.

We have a wide range of control options to help cut energy costs.

Why are the Savings are so high?

The Newhall KwikSave supermarket was a new construction project that included several of our controls and LED panels at the design stage.

Once the store was trading, we conducted a free premise survey and discovered that due to the extremely high incoming supply voltage, a electric saving of more than 13% could be achieved. This ultimately led to the installation of our 3 Phase SavaPower Unit, which, after testing, was able to be set to a lower level than usual, resulting in a fantastic 18.9% reduction in electric consumption. This incredible result was achieved in less than two hours of installation time after the store had closed, ensuring no lost trading time.

Why Choose SavaPower

Voltage Optimisation is something we would recommend once all other energy saving options have been explored. It can, in the right circumstances, achieve some truly fantastic results but these could be diluted over time if other areas are not explored first. 

We are happy to discuss your requirements in depth and offer an open and honest option in selecting energy saving controls. 

Supermarket Reduces Electric Bill by over 18%