Savawatt Merton council energy saving

Voltage Optimisation reduces cost Lavender Children’s Centre

Lavender Children's Centre

Lavender Children’s Centre (London Road), Mitcham, is one of the Sure Start Children’s Centres sites in Merton. Children’s centres provide support for children aged 0 to 5 and their families, aiming to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life. They work to make sure all children are well prepared for school, healthy and happy regardless of background or family circumstances.

The SavaPower three-phase voltage optimisation system has been widely utilised for small to large commercial properties. The 100 Amp unit allows users to achieve substantial energy and financial savings by optimising their three-phase supply. SavaPower installations are done by our in-house installation team, during agreed work hours and without affecting the businesses operational capacity.

Voltage Optimisation is designed to match the load voltage requirements with a lower supply voltage. This will ensure all equipment is running closer to the designed operational parameters.  It works by reducing the average supplied voltage of 242v, down to the nominal UK voltage of 230V. Most equipment is rated at 220V, so the process of voltage optimisation corrects the over voltage and improves the equipment lifecycle.